Armando Iannucci

Armando IannucciArmando Iannucci is a famous British writer and producer. He is also known for his impressive work as a satirist and television director. He has been nominated for Oscar and Emmy awards. He is mainly known for his work in Alan Partridge (2013), In the Loop (2009) and Veep (2012). He has also written and produced many television and radio comedy shows which have gained a lot of appreciation from the critics. He made his career debut as a radio producer where he worked on The Mary Whitehouse Experience and On The Hour. He has been the creator and executive producer of four series of HBO sitcom Veep. He also contributed in writing and directing many of the episodes in this series. 
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Occupation: Writer and Producer
Full Name: Armando Giovanni Iannucci
Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Born:  28 November 1963, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Medium: Television, film, radio, stand up comedy
Nationality: British
Genres: Sitcom, political satire
Influences: Woody Allen, Antony Jay, Jonathan Lynn, Larry David, Garry Shandling
Influenced: Damon Beesley, Iain Morris, John Oliver, Chris Addison, Steve Coogan, Rob Gibbons, Neil Gibbons, Will Smith
Spouse: Rachael Jones 

The last thing I want to do is use my comedy as a partisan tool or as a method for preaching.

I refuse to work evenings or weekends. If a script sees my character meeting for dinner, I put a line through the words and make them meet for lunch.

I briefly thought of becoming a priest but quickly saw that would be ridiculous.

When you do a movie as opposed to a TV show, it's always tempting to think everything has to be big and exaggerated and spectacular. And in fact, a lot of the funniest comedy films have been very intimate.

There is still an element of the BBC that feels it is somehow wrong, or it will be open to criticism, if it makes more money.

When I'm making something, I've always felt in charge and therefore able to call the shots. But what you've got to do is stop that turning into arrogance or despotism!

I hate the idea of labels and saying you are member of one party or another and signing up to all sorts of policies that you don't have a view on or don't believe in. Because I'm not a politician, I don't have to be consistent in what I say and how I behave.

When I started off, I always used to do parodies and impressions, mimicking people... and then institutions. You become aware that some institutions have their own language. You almost define yourself by how you speak.

Joe Biden is that special combination of someone who is very talented and influential, but when he starts speaking, there's inevitably going to be headlines written about something he said.


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