Brigham Young

Brigham YoungBrigham Young was an American religious leader who is widely known for his contribution to the history of the American West.  He was born to a poor farming family. In 1832 he was baptized into the Mormon Church and then he spent most of his life in the service to this church. He was called as the ‘Brother Brigham’ by latter day saints. He worked as the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints.  He has been also credited for helping in the colonization of US. Joseph Smith got influenced by his passion towards Mormon message and therefore made him the President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. In 1844, he was attacked and murdered by Anti Mormon mob. 
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Born: June 1, 1801, Whitingham, Vermont, United States
Died: August 29, 1877, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Occupation: Missionary
Nationality: American
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Famous As: Territorial Governor, and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Buried: Mormon Pioneer Memorial Monument
Spouse: Hannah Tapfield (m. 1872–1877), more
Organizations founded: Brigham Young University, more
Children: B. Morris Young, Susa Young Gates, more
Education: University of Deseret

In the adversity of our best friends we often find something that does not displease us.

There is no knowledge, no light, no wisdom that you are in possession of, but what you have received it from some source.

Silence may be golden, but can you think of a better way to entertain someone than to listen to him?

I want to live perfectly above the law, and make it my servant instead of my master.

If I had a choice of educating my daughters or my sons because of opportunity constraints, I would choose to educate my daughters.

Don't try to tear down other people's religion about their ears, Build up your own perfect structure of truth, and invite your listeners to enter in and enjoy it's glories.

We should never permit ourselves to do anything that we are not willing to see our children do.

It is wise for us to forget our troubles, there are always new ones to replace them.


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