Deng Xiaoping

Deng Xiaoping
Deng Xiaoping was a Chinese politician and leader. He is mainly known as his role of a reformer. In the 1970’s he emerged as the most powerful leader of the People’s Republic of China. He is also known for his contributions towards China’s economic improvements during the 1980s. He became associated with the Chinese Communist Party in 1924. He contributed in the organization of the Red Army. He served as the Secretary General of the Central Committee. He played a significant role in the war against Japan as he was included in many military campaigns.  He was later sent to internal exile by the Red Guards. After the Cultural Revolution, he was able to resume his political base. He became the chief architect of the Chinese economic reforms.
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Born: August 22, 1904, Guang'an, China
Died: February 19, 1997, Beijing, China
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Reformer
Height: 1.50 m
Spouse: Zhuo Lin (m. 1939–1997), Jin Weiying (m. 1931–1933), Zhang Xiyuan (m. 1928–1929)
Children: Deng Pufang, Deng Nan, Deng Rong, Deng Zhifang, Deng Lin

Young leading cadres have risen up by helicopter. They should really rise step by step.

The United States brags about its political system, but the President says one thing during the election, something else when he takes office, something else at midterm and something else when he leaves.

When our thousands of Chinese students abroad return home, you will see how China will transform itself.

It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.


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