Guillermo Cabrera Infante

Gullermo Cabrera.Guillermo Cabrera Infante was a Cuban Author, Screenwriter, translator and critic. He studied in the University of Harvana and took the degree of journalism. He used to write with the pen name G.Cain in the 1950s. He also got arrested and fined for his short story as it was considered to be full of English language profanities. He also started working as the critic for the movies in the magazine Carteles. Later he grabbed the role of its editor in chief. He is mainly known for Vanishing Point (1971), The Lost City (2005) and Vanishing Point (1997). He has been successful for making a mark for himself in the field of fiction, particularly with Tres Tristes Tigres (1967), which was also published in English as Three Sad Tigers. It is said to be a recreation of sordid nightlife in pre-revolutionary Havana.
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Born: April 22, 1929, Gibara, Cuba
Died: February 21, 2005, London, United Kingdom
Occupation: novelist, essayist, translator, screenwriter, and critic
Spouse: Miriam Gómez (m. 1961)
Education: University of Havana (1950–1956)
Movies: The Lost City, Vanishing Point, Wonderwall
Language: Spanish
Nationality: Cuban
Citizenship:  British
Notable awards: Miguel de Cervantes Prize (1997)
Pen name: Guillermo Cain

What I do believe is that there is always a relationship between writing and reading, a constant interplay between the writer on the one hand and the reader on the other.

The relationship between reader and characters is very difficult. It is even more peculiar than the relationship between the writer and his characters.

When I write, the first blank page, or any blank page, means nothing to me. What means something is a page that has been filled with words.

Watching a movie from beginning to end is like reading, because even though what you see are images, they are telling you a story.


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