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Jeff AmentJeffrey Allen Ament is a talented American musician.  He was born in Montana, USA. As a bassist he has been the member of the popular band Green River, Mother Love Bone, and Pearl Jam. His love for bass guitar was quiet apparent from the starting of his teenage. He was also interested in sports. He shifted to Seattle where he met musicians Mark Arm and Steve Turner. They offered him a place in their band Green River in 1984. When the Green River disbanded he formed Mother Love Bone along with some other members. This band emerged as a popular band in Seattle.  He also performed on a concert tour in 2004 named Vote for Change.
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Full Name: Jeffrey Allen Ament
Born: March 10, 1963, Havre, Montana, United States
Occupation: Musician
Nationality: American
Partner: Pandora Andre-Beatty
Member of: Green River, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog
Songwriting partners: Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, more

Where I grew up, I could be a punk rocker and a jock. But in college, it became apparent that those two worlds didn't mix. When I brought my guitar back to school after Thanksgiving break, a friend handed me his bass and said, 'Listen to the Ramones.'

There really is a certain magic that happens when you're in the studio. And it's important in life to feel that magic: to feel that there is something greater moving all this along.

Right after 'Backspacer,' my best friend got killed tragically. Something happened to me then where I got super motivated. I had a shelf of all this unfinished music... So I just went to work and made a conscious decision that I was going to finish a bunch of stuff. Life's short.

It's great that people are basically spending their two weeks of vacation to come out and be with us in some weird part of the world. And I think we owe it to them to take 'em to some cool places.

It was hard to figure out what were the good causes, the bad causes, even the good politics and the bad politics. So we started taking requests and figuring it out.

I'm healthy enough to still skate, so I gotta go because growing up I didn't have - I mean, I grew up in Montana so... there was kind of a little half-pipe in my yard, and that was the extent of the skate terrain in Montana. So I've got to go out and make up for lost time.

I led the state in defensive interceptions my senior year, with seven in nine games. Then I went to Montana to play basketball and found out quickly that my college career wasn't going to work out how I'd envisioned it.

I had a portable 8-track player under all my ramps, cranking one of my four 8-tracks - Cars/'Candy-O,' Ramones/'Road To Ruin,' Cheap Trick/'Heaven Tonight' and the first Devo record. I don't remember skating without music.

With Pearl Jam, everybody is so good at what they do, it's hard to get up the courage to say, 'Can I sing this part,' or, 'I want to play guitar.'

Unless you're a vegan freak of nature like Tony Gonzalez, I don't think you can play sports much past your early 30s.


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