Julio Iglesias

Julio IglesiasJulio Iglesias is a Spanish singer. He had a very rising music career in the 1970s and 1980’s. He attended a law school but his love for music was quiet evident. After winning the 1968 Benidorm festival he signed a contract with Discos Columbia. The list of his hit songs is huge. It includes songs - "Hey" (1980), "1110 Bel Air Place" (1984), "Non Stop"(1988), "Starry Night" (1990), "Calor" (1992), and "Crazy" (1994). His duets with Willie Nelson ("To All the Girls I've Loved Before"), Diana Ross ("All of You") and many more. He has also represented Spain in the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest. He has also sung in different languages including English, French, Portuguese and  German.
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Born: September 23, 1943, Madrid, Spain
Occupation: Singer, songwriter
Nationality: Spanish
Genres: Latin, Latin pop,  dance-pop,  adult contemporary
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Children: Enrique Iglesias, Chabeli Iglesias, Julio Iglesias, Jr., more
Spouse: Miranda Rijnsburger (m. 2010), Isabel Preysler (m. 1971–1979)

You retire when you are sick and when you can't do it any more or when the public retires you. That's the most painful, because that's the one that leaves you wanting to accomplish more.

I will not give up to sing until the people say it's enough. I hope it will be very late.

You live a life, you have a family, you sing your songs. You do not think about these things. You just do them. And then one day, it all make sense to you.

I'm the Latin artist who has been the most successful in history at representing the Latin culture. The stylings of my words are immodest, but it's the truth.


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