Paul Anka

Paul AnkaPaul Anka is a Canadian singer, actor and songwriter.  He was born to Lebanese-Canadian parents.  He was inclined towards music since childhood. He used to sing in the choir at church. His passion for piano was also evident and he studied it. Later he took up journalism courses. At the age of 13, he had formed his own local group by the name Bobbysoxers. When he was 15, he went to Los Angeles and started his struggle to become a singer. His soon signed a contract with ABC/Paramount Records. His song 'Diana' was a great hit and it made him a teen idol. Later he shifted his focus towards songwriting career. In 1960’s he started working in motion pictures and also wrote songs for these pictures.
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Birth name:  Paul Albert Anka
Born: July 30, 1941, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Genres:  Pop, soft rock, jazz, doo-wop
Occupation(s):  Singer, songwriter
Instruments:  Vocals, piano, guitar
Labels: ABC-Paramount, EMI Columbia, RCA, United Artists, Columbia
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Spouse: Anna Anka (m. 2008–2010), Anne De Zogheb (m. 1963–2000)
Nationality: Canadian, American

When I'm writing, I generally toy with an idea until it manifests itself - meaning a phrase or a tune comes into my head and eventually begins to jell. When something hits me, I write it down immediately. I don't wait, or it's gone.

The technology is good and it's bad. You know what you're dealing with out there musically, but my head stops at this electronic stuff. I don't quite know what I'm dealing with out there yet.

My father, my mother, and then my father was always on top of me - 'Keep your nose clean. Do you love what you're doing?' 'Yes.' 'Then be aware, or you're going to lose it.'

I learned a lot about what I do with my craft, how I present my music. A lot of things about him were very much an influence on me and everybody else. Once you get in that fold and you're around it, you get to experience something that I don't think we'll ever see again. There will never be anybody like Frank Sinatra. Ever.

As long as you're growing in your profession and you're respected, you're going to stay as clean as you can, because you've got something that you love that you don't want to lose.

Things began to pick up for me record-wise when in 1971 I wrote 'She's a Lady' for Tom Jones.


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