Rodney Atkins

Rodney AtkinsRodney Allan Atkins is an American country singer. He went to Tennessee Tech. He was interested in music at an early age and during his college day he started writing songs. He was signed by Curb records. He worked on many songs for his debut album but not liked the final work. He recorded new songs for this album. His song from this album ‘In a Heartbeat’ was ranked number 74 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks. His single ‘Sing Along’ was appreciated and it reached number 37 on US Country chart. He became famous with ‘Honesty’.
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Birth Name: Rodney Allan Atkins
Born: March 28, 1969 (age 46), Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Spouse: Rose Falcon (m. 2013), Tammy Jo McDonald (m. 1998–2012)
Children: Elijah Atkins
Origin: Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, U.S.
Genres: Country
Occupation(s):  Singer-songwriter
Instruments:  Vocals, guitar
Associated acts:  Ted Hewitt, Rose Falcon

You can hear some artists, hear five of their albums and still have no idea who they are. But if you've heard most of what I've recorded, you know me. You go from 'Honesty' to 'Going Through Hell' - you can listen to the hits, and they pretty much reflect who I am. 'Take a Back Road' is the same thing.

I started doing some demos and got online and bought a refurbished laptop, bought a microphone off of eBay. A lot of folks said you can't really do it that way at a pro level, but I did some vocals that way, turned it into the label and they said, 'Wow, where did you record this? The vocals sound great!'

My family and I are just regular folks, just trying to get through the day and do the best you can and pay the bills, and that's who we're singing to.

It's still a trip for me to see somebody that I've only seen on television or in a movie. When they are there in real life, it's very different. When we played Detroit, Kevin Costner played before us.

My wife grew up loving country music, so I always run songs by her whether I wrote it or if somebody pitched it to me.

You may not know it, but I was adopted as a baby by my wonderful parents, Allan and Margaret Atkins of Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

It's really hard to find a love song that is real. That's when you really strike a chord with somebody, when you dig in deep and grab a hold.

I grew up playing music and enjoying good food, friends and family in my own backyard.

When I did 'The Tonight Show' and Jay Leno was still there, he was very nice but it was surreal. It's like you can't believe you're standing there talking to that person. If you've seen them in a lot of movies or on TV you feel like you know them, just like my fans feel like they know me.

There's a book called 'The Shack' - it had a lot to do with me coming full circle, meeting my birth mother. Awhile back, my birth mom and my adopted mom came to my show together, and it was pretty surreal.


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