Shari Arison

Shari ArisonKnown as the wealthiest and most powerful woman of Israel, Shari Arison was born in New York. Her father Ted was a businessman. He was the founder of Carnival Corporation and this firm is the major contributor to Shari’s fortune. She is the leader of the Arison Group. Arison Investments includes many banks of Israel and are considered as the strength of Israel economy. Apart from a businesswoman she is also a writer. Her book ‘Activate your goodness: Transforming the world through doing good’ is listed in the NY Times bestseller. It was also a bestseller in Israel. In 2007 and 2009 she was chosen as the Woman of the Year by Globes.
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Born: 1957, New York City, New York, United States
Ethnicity: Jewish
Citizenship: American-Israeli
Occupation: Businesswoman 
Parents: Ted Arison
Net worth: 5.3 billion USD (2015) Forbes
Siblings: Micky Arison
Children: Jason Arison, David Arison

The Ahmadinejads of the world, the bin Ladens of the world, will not change their ways, regardless of how hard we try to explain to them that peace begins with them.

Over and over, since I was very young, I see things that are about to happen. You can call it heightened intuition; you can call it visions... I see it as a gift. It's my role to give people a heightened awareness, to show that basically we can change the world.

I saw things before they happened, and that scared me very much. The premonitions would always be accompanied by harsh and painful physical sensations.

I foresaw the financial crisis. I get messages in my sleep, in pictures and words. I understood that I have a mission and a role in ensuring human existence. I received a message that people would soon start to go crazy.

I can't point to a single person or incident that changed my life, but the recognition that there is a certain world order, has been consequential. It has empowered me to do things my way. I found an inner truth by which I abide.

Doing good business - being ethical, being transparent, being caring, implementing values in your business - makes a difference, and you make money at the same time.

'Activate Your Goodness' explains how we all have a stake in our collective future, each and every person in their own unique way. As I see it, it is all about personally taking responsibility for our actions, and fully realizing that by thinking good, speaking good and doing good, you can find your place in life.

Shikun & Binui, our infrastructure and real estate company, implements sustainability by building their projects 100% sustainable while educating their employees worldwide.

In my new book, 'Birth,' my goal is to share the path I have traveled in the spiritual sphere and in the business and philanthropic sphere in order to reveal the essential connection between the two.

In 'Birth,' I explore the nature of the new world we are approaching with my business-spiritual model, a new model for a new world. This view will enable individuals, companies and even nations to move from collapse to positive change, and bring together the spiritual and the material, giving birth to a new future.


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