And going into my studio at night, particularly at night when everybody's asleep, is just a total pleasure for me.

I am so happy that I didn't go to school and I didn't have anyone to tell me how to position my fingers on the piano correctly.

Actually, with 'Truth of Touch' I wasn't even intending on making an album. I was just having fun. I had about a six-month period of down time, and I'm not very good at sitting around. So I kind of started going into the studio and having fun with new core mendin sounds.

When you do music concerts at Taj Mahal and the Acropolis, you have to be careful about your performance being appropriate with the place that surrounds you. It has to be appropriate to the culture - it should fit the building behind you, the environment you are playing it in and the culture of that place.

It has never been necessary for me to learn how to read music.

I don't really like to explain my songs.

I do listen to a lot of music, but I don't listen when I'm writing.

Being an athlete helps me get those grandiose emotions of pleasure and pain that are involved in sports.

There is no gender to my music. There's no male or female voice, no trite lyrics or poetry. It's much more abstract, so it lives with you longer.

Music is art, and once you become an artist, you need to learn how to accept criticism.


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